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Dharohar aroma storyline

When we think of our culture and our traditions, we almost always think of the gods of every religion because those are the ones to whom the traditions are most closely connected. The sounds of ringing bells, exotic aromas drifting through the air from open windows, and lavish offerings made to different gods are some of the most familiar scenes in our nation.


There are a few things, such as incense that are given significant importance in the religious ceremonies that take place in our culture. Dharohar Aroma was developed by our founders because they believed that it was necessary to create these products with the assistance of ancient traditions in order to preserve our culture.

And how do we preserve our culture?

On one fine trip, our co-founders found some local artisans making hand-rolled incense. Additionally, they were employing the use of natural ingredients, which resulted in natural aromas. Mesmerized by the procedure of handcrafting they started questioning these local artisans just to find out their biggest worries – technology replacing and making them redundant.


Our company's co-founders decided to start Dharohar after having this very conversation, with the intention of preserving the genuine cultural and devotional character of our country. 


We work with specialists who are knowledgeable about all of the natural ingredients that are used in our products. Through the use of our products, we wish to give this new generation a feel of the rich culture and history that has come before them. We ensure that our products should have scents that are soothing and pleasant, not excessive or harmful.

When creating our goods, we use a wide range of aromas that are intended to be reassuring and comforting. Our co-founders did many surveys and research before the creation of these aromas. People who are familiar with the traditional methods of creating incense sticks and dhoop are part of our team. By trying out different incense, we are able to combat the problem of smoke and unpleasant odors.


And our brand says we are here to protect our Indian Culture – our Dharohar by helping our local handicraft artisans with assurance and employment keeping away fears of extinction and encouraging our customers to retrace to our roots.

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